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Financial Planning

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Financial Planning

Do you have a plan in place to fund your retirement? 

How We Help

At John Harman CPA and Harman Rogowski & Associates we believe that receiving your tax advice and financial advice from the same place leads to a more efficient financial life. During our process you will meet with a financial advisor and CPA who will work together to prepare a plan for you which includes: how much you should save to meet your goals, the type of savings accounts you should use, how you should invest your money, and the best way to take income when needed. We meet with you on a regular basis to check your progress and help you stay on track. We actively manage your investments to make sure you are properly invested, while also helping you manage your tax situation. 
Why Choose Harman Rogowski & Associates 

We are committed fiduciaries - which means we have your best interests at heart when we make a reccomendation. We work with some of the largest financial institutions, including Charles Schwab, Fidelity & TD Ameritrade. As a John Harman CPA client your financial plan is complimentary! 

Call us today at (469) 742-0283 and let us help you get started planning for retirement. 

Three-Part Video Series On Retirement, Financial And Tax Planning

The following three videos comprise a 45-minute presentation by Daniel Rogowski on the topics of retirement, financial and tax planning.