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My Personal Story of why i branched out to financial services - Life Insurance

Years ago I wanted to help out my clients and make sure they received a proper life insurance policy.  You might have thought like me that all policys are similar and the major variable factor is the premium.  Little did I know how wrong that was.  I started that portion of my carrer with an independent Broker/Dealer.  I was not obligated to sale products from just one company. I could easily register with John Hancock or Pacific Life to sell their policies. 

I soon had many Companies' representatives calling often to set up meetings to demo their new products.  They are called Wholesalers. I thought that was a strange term for sellers of life insurance policies.  Shortly, I learned the industry is very similar to the auto industry of which was not a concept I would had imagined earlier. Each major insurance company is like an auto dealership e.g. Ford, Nissan, etc. Under each dealership there are many vehicles with many options. They change the options and policies often.  One auto company might have a Navigation Package as an option but Lexus has it as a standard.  One cannot just compare the price.

You need someone independent to direct you through the maze.  One wholesaler made a comment that I remember to this day, "If i leave the industry for a year, it would take me 6 molnths to learn all the products again," . This is why I offer a free review of all your policies.  They might be outdated and you never will know it.   

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