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John Harman, CPA PLLC

Investment Advice

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Managing Your Investment Portfolio

Free time should be spent with family, not managing portfolios. 

At Harman Rogowski & Associates and John Harman CPA we are pleased to offer discetionary management of your investment portfolios. This means we can take the burden of actively managing and selecting the appropriate investments based on your goals, tolerance for risk, and need for income. 

Fiduciary- Why It Matters!!! 
At Harman Rogowski & Associates we are fiduciary financial advisors. That means we are obligated to serve your best interests when making investment reccomendations. Other advisors are only held to a suitability standard- which means the investments they are reccomending do not have to be the best for you. We want to do right by our clients - and hope you will take the time to research the importance of hiring a fiduciary to manage your investment portfolio. 

Your Bank
We work with some of the largest financial institutions, like Charles Schwab, Fidelity and TD Ameritrade. These firms hold your money, while our team of financial advisors are an independent set of eyes selecting your investment strategy, monitoring performance, and making tactical adjustments. 

We don't believe in "buy and hold" strategies at Harman Rogowski & Associates. We actively manag eyour investments with all the care and prudence we do our own. We also believe good investment advice should come at a fair cost and always be easy to understand and transparent. 

Our team of financial advisors will conduct a "check up" of your investments and tell you what we would do different - free of charge for John Harman CPA clients. 

You cannot put a price on “Peace of Mind”. Let our team of financial advisors & CPAs manage your investment portfolio. Call our office at (469) 742-0283. 

“Your Life, Is Our Life’s Work”