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Has the IRS Sent You Threatening Letters?

That’s good!  We show you how to turn IRS letters to your advantage.

The IRS appears to give you your rights, with deadlines and strong language. They are often misleading. My clients use IRS letters to their advantage, often timing actions to benefit them.

They don’t operate out of fear by letting the IRS dictate how and when to proceed.  Never let an IRS letter dictate your actions concerning your IRS situation.

Never take on the IRS yourself. We CAN solve your IRS problems.

Is the IRS coming to your home or work?

Not a good idea. Often the IRS poke around and ask too many questions. My clients almost never have IRS employees come to their home or office. If meetings are needed, they are at our office!

Many of our clients live outside of McKinney.  They often never have to show up anywhere.  It is a common practice for us to solve IRS problems by phone and fax.

Never take on the IRS yourself. We CAN solve your IRS problems.

Do You Have Years of Unfiled Tax Returns?

For many years, I have seen people play into the hands of the IRS out of fear of what they don’t know. My clients do know.

We use our client’s unfiled returns to their advantage! What the IRS doesn’t know benefits you!

Never take on the IRS yourself. We CAN solve your IRS problems.

Control of IRS Collections. 

We can show you how to make sure the IRS can’t levy your paycheck, your spouse’s paycheck, your bank account or your accounts receivable. Over 90% of the people, we talk to who are making payments to the IRS are still in jeopardy of collection action.  Most people incorrectly believe that since they receive a letter from the IRS reporting a monthly payment that they are safe.

IRS Threatening Letters.

We know which letters matter and which ones don’t.  Many people and their representatives respond with letters as their way of resolving IRS issues!  This inexperience will often make the situation worse.  We know what needs to be done to resolve IRS issues by getting to the heart of the matter.  Don’t fall prey to having them dictate the rules and how you should act.  Often, letters give you instructions that if followed will shortchange you of your rights! More importantly, you may have a less favorable outcome, costing you more money.

The Advantage of Hiring Us to Represent You.

It’s critically important that people select the right person when choosing to hire a tax representative. There is a tendency to believe in third party approval. It’s important to make your decisions based on knowing what to look for. Those of you interested in weeding through the sales tactics, please read on.

You Don’t Know Beans About Your IRS Situation!

A lot of people call and want to know how much it will cost to do a payment plan, an offer in compromise, an audit representation, etc.  Or they got a notice that they didn’t file for a few years.

They think the issue they are dealing with is what is going on between them and the IRS.  They want just to respond to a letter or just file the returns.

Stop! You are wrong most of the time.  I highly recommend (did I say highly?) that you do a one hour paid consultation with me to educate yourself on avoiding an audit, protecting yourself from future collection action and how exactly to handle your matter before the IRS.

Or, if just want to us to get the records and do an analysis first, we have a $500 special that we can put together for you.

Hiring the Right Tax Representation Firm.

After years of representing clients before the IRS, I developed some creative techniques to handle cases.  This creativity saved my clients money and offered greater protection from the IRS.  None of what I created will be found in the official IRS handbooks and guides, yet all are legal, ethical and accepted by the IRS.  All are well within the guidelines of ethical behavior for licensed CPAs.  This creativity in a field of paper pushers gave me the reputation for IRS solutions.