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John Harman, CPA PLLC

Expatriate Taxation

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Tax filing for Expatriates is not easy. Filing Forms 2555 or 1116 can be a nightmare. How do you figure the 330 days out of 360 to qualify for the Exclusion??? You can read, study, Google and still be confused and get it wrong. That is why there are professional tax preparers like usI worked in Africa for two years as an Administrative Manager/Controller when I graduated from college. I processed the payroll in the foreign country and wired each individual's pay out of the country going through the Central Bank. For several employees, I prepared their Form 2555 and Form 1040 with schedules by hand even though I was in the "bush" of Africa. It is much easier now sitting at my desk in McKinney Texas using a $8,000 tax preparation program! 

I have clients in Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., France, England, Netherlands, Taiwan and Germany. I have met just a few of them in person. Some clients live here in Dallas while working 330 days out of 365 overseas. I help them determine when they can come home and how long they can stay without losing the Exclusion. On some, I help with the Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts, Form TD F 90-22.1  This is how simple we can make it. I send them the partially completed form, they fill in their banking information, sign, scan and email back to me. I send it certified to the IRS.  Our CPA firm in McKinney Texas helps you avoid severe penalties for turning in the paperwork late by working closely with you to ensure that the information on your forms is filled out correctly and completely. 
Calculation and filing the proper expatriate tax forms is not a common area for the average CPA firm. It is an area that I have expertise. I can help you avoid the headache of preparing them yourself or the high fees charged by some outside services. Our fees are reasonable and we process all our returns quickly.  

Testimonial from a client that found me via this page.

Hello John,


Thank you very much for the fantastic service.  Working with you was a pleasure and, due to your systems, as easy as it could possibly be.


Hope you get to do some traveling soon. If you come through Perth, Mike and I would love the chance to take you out to dinner.






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